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Video surveillance

Strengthened by the experience gained working on thousands of installed security systems and thanks to a team composed of technicians and qualified and constantly updated operators, we can design, install, assist and maintain systems of: anti-theft, video surveillance, fire prevention and access control for individuals, companies , institutions, banks, commercial activities.

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Radio Bridges

With our technical skills, combined with a consolidated experience in program management, we offer our clients a guided soft migration process with an extremely reduced impact on daily operations. We address all those organizations and organizations that need a radiocommunication network for point-to-point and multi-point connections.


Home automation

With the evolution of technology and its availability at every level, today it is possible to create excellent home automation systems for the home and office. For home automation we do not just mean the possibility of remotely managing the boiler and therefore the heating, but a complete adaptation of the house to the climatic conditions and habits of the inhabitants.


Electrical installations

Be Technology is a real landmark in Rome for the construction and maintenance of civil and industrial electrical systems. Addressing serious and experienced professionals in the sector is essential for being able to count on a safe and functional system. Be Technology follows every customer with great care to design the plants to be built and size them according to different needs.


Water installations

Be Technology is a point of reference throughout the province of Rome because of its professionalism, convenience and transparency of the rates applied, and the expertise of its staff,  Be Technology is specialized in the design and construction of plumbing and heating systems for your home or business.


Heating systems

Our company has been dealing for years with the installation of centralized heating systems both civil and industrial. It does so with competence and professionalism by performing any type of workmanship to perfection and with the use of materials of the highest quality and destined to last over time. Our staff is available to propose customized and advanced solutions to both individuals and companies.


Alarm systems

With an accurate inspection we identify the technical solutions appropriate to the needs of each customer and we propose the appropriate equipment to ensure the protection of the building. The installation is always carried out respecting the aesthetics of the structures. Our alarm systems and professional burglar alarm systems are able to protect external and internal areas of offices and companies.


Conditioning systems

Thanks to the constant and dedicated work of a team of specialist technicians, as well as to our latest generation technological resources, our working reality wants to act as a single interlocutor towards private individuals and professionals who need to create efficient, innovative and safe air conditioning systems. . Choose Be-Technology for your air conditioning system.


Data transmission systems

Using the latest available technologies, Be-Technology designs and implements simple and complex data transmission systems. In fact, we are able to wire individual rooms (we think, for example, to a law firm or an insurance agency) to the wiring of an entire building, with hundreds of stations spread over several floors.


Fire prevention systems

According to the UNI standards for the fire-fighting sector, the fire-fighting system is the set of technical elements of the building system whose function is to prevent, limit, eliminate or report fires. Normally it is not mandatory to install it in civil homes, except in the case where the civil buildings are old or have a height of 12 meters or more.

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Gate automations

Strengthened by the experience gained working on thousands of installed security systems and thanks to a team composed of technicians and qualified and constantly updated operators, we can design, install, assist and maintain systems of: Gate automation (swing or sliding), parking barriers, and access control for individuals, companies, institutions, banks, commercial activities.


Sanificazioni ambientali

Be Technology, opera con professionalità ed esperienza nel settore delle sanificazioni e disinfezioni da Covid-19. Nello svolgimento della nostra attività da emergenza Covid-19 operiamo attraverso il rispetto di varie fasi operative. La sanificazione degli ambienti avviene attraverso la nebulizzazione di prodotto igienizzante a base di ipoclorito di sodio.

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